Monomi Volume 1 - First Edition

Monomi Volume 1 - First Edition

This book includes the entire of Volume 1 including an extra story not to be published online and sketches and information. This is the first run of the comic and will not be available again.

You can check out the comic at


Monomi is a fantasy drama focused around a school of scribes who find themselves under the tuition of the young prodigy Daisho. Meanwhile, outside the small city in the mountains war is coming.'The Brothers of the Land' an army of common men, plan to join the world as one and remove the social hierarchy created by the ‘gifted’ with an unconditional genocide on the worlds blessed.

Daisho and his class soon find themselves faced with eradication. Struggling in a world where they are no longer the gifted but the cursed, they must find a way to fight back against the Brothers and against their own past.


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All art was created by ©paperplateart

♥♥ Dimensions & Paper Information♥♥

Comic is printed on 120gsm silk gloss paper with 36 full colour pages.

They are professional quality prints with rich colour so it never loses its edge!